Aerial photography

Heading 1

I have been working as a photographer in different events and I came to understand the importance of the product I deliver which makes me always do my best and strive for perfection. 
I work with high ethics and professional approach. 
Communication with my employer is key to meet the goals and deliver best. 

My equipment : 

Cookie fuel (helmet for aerial media)

Sony Alpha 7S Mark III
Sony Alpha 7 Mark III (Samyang 35 mm, Zeiss 50 mm and Sony 200-600 mm, telelens gmaster 200-600 mm 5,6f)

Sony AX 53

Sony 3000r

FPV drone

DJI Mavic Air drone (4k)

Go Pro 9

Go Pro 7 Black

Insta 360
Crane plus gimbal stabiliser for ground shots

I am happy to discuss and meet all the needs for each event.